Walk Cycles

Pink Panther walk cycle. I like his body movement and even his head rotation, but they don’t work together that well.

Original Character walk cycle. Not 100% done but I ran out of time, but I like the movement and if I ever find time I will go in and clean it up and finish the detailing. I found walk cycles much easier than the S&C curves animations.


The Cradle of Life


Next painting assignment. We had to design our own ‘ficto-planet’ and do a day and night scene for it. I wish I had a little more time …but I slacked. BUT I am quite happy with how the night scene turned out. (gouache, approx 9.5×6″ each)

Ball & Tail Animation

Final animation assignment for the semester. Kind of a combination of what we’ve learned including squash and stretch and S & C curves. There are a few things that are really bugging me, but I kind of ran out of time and it already was up to 203 drawings when the average was about 80.

(I contemplated adding a few drawing to smooth certain parts, but it just takes soooooo long to pencil test 200+ drawings haha)

Life Drawing ~ Bone Portfolio ~ Tarot Cards


So this was our last portfolio due for the semester. We had to come up with a creative way to display our bone drawings so I decided to make tarot cards full of puns ;P. (The top middle image is the card backs). He seemed to like them because I got 95% on this project and to get an A+ in life drawing from sheridan……is a big deal, it made my christmas! haha